What to do when your partner suggests an extra marital one night stand?!

Couple having foreplay and sex under the shower

90% of couples say that sex is an important part of a relationship, with 23% saying that it is incredibly important, so what happens when one of you loses your sex drive or wants the excitement of going elsewhere for one night only?

Having sex with someone who isn’t your partner isn’t necessarily a deal breaker if you are in an otherwise happy relationship. In fact, having an arrangement with your partner which allows one or both of you to sleep with someone else is becoming so common now that it even has its own name, “ethical non-monogamy”.

Out of 64,000 couples questioned, 5% said that they felt that their relationship worked because they were able to have sex with other people, and that doing this actually helps them to feel more connected to their partner as what they have with them is so much more than just a physical bond.

Are you cheating? 

With a shocking 1 in 3 married individuals admitting to cheating on their partner, it may seem like a more honest way of living to let them know what you are doing rather than carrying on behind their back and hoping that they never find out, as this will only cause extra strain on the relationship.


If things are not working out in the bedroom, or you’ve lost your spark, and this is making you unhappy it is only natural to want to find the thing that it is which is missing from your life, and it may be that your partner would be comfortable for you to do this.

In a survey carried out by OnePulse last year, they found that out of 1000 people in relationships 1 in 5 said that they would allow their partner to have sex with someone else if they had gone off it, 7% would suggest it themselves, and 20% said that they would be comfortable to go ahead with it if their partner came up with the idea.

The survey also found that sex is more important to men than women, although this importance decreases over time whereas the importance of sex to women remains the same no matter how old they are.

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If you are going to suggest to your partner that they should sleep with someone else because you have lost your sex drive, you should not automatically assume that they will be thrilled about the idea so it should be approached with caution.

They might have been thinking the same things themselves but been worried about bringing it up, or they might be upset that you would suggest that they might want to do such a thing. So always keep this in mind if it is a conversation that you would like to have with them.

Should your partner offer you the opportunity to sleep with someone else you may be wondering what to do next if this something that you would be interested in trying out.

An adult dating site such as Naughty Seniors is the perfect place to find someone for a one night stand as there are plenty of other people looking for the exact same thing. You can be sure that all of your details will be kept private, and can find someone that perfectly suits your preferences.

The One Night Stand!

Before you commit to a one night stand with a stranger, even when it has been approved by your partner, you should be prepared for the feelings they may hit you following the event so that natural negative responses don’t leave you feeling deflated.

For example, you may still experience feelings of guilt, or feel a strong bond with the person you have slept with which seems to be more than just a physical connection. This could lead to resenting your partner for suggesting that you go ahead with it, which may cause friction between the two of you.

As long as you are aware that these types of feelings might affect you, you can ensure that you feel totally comfortable with everything before you go ahead and start searching for someone to give you a bit of extramarital excitement.

If this is a situation that you find yourself in, think of it as an opportunity to enhance your relationship if it will make both of you happier in the long run, and don’t let the fact that it is a bit of a taboo hold you back.